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Jinjer CovertJinjer Covert has trained for almost 30 years in various styles of martial arts. (American/Shotokan Karate, Kickboxing, Judo, Jujitsu, Kali: stick/knife).   She is ranked in both classical and modern martial arts under Sensei Jearl Sutherland as a Yodan (4th degree Black Belt - 2006).   She has owned and operated her own school since 1999.   Her primary focus over the last several years has been Japanese Shotokan Karate .  Covert has been training with the Japanese Karate Association (JKA) for the last several years, honing in and learning the precision of this classical style while keeping the tradition alive.  She is currently ranked as Shodan in the JKA and will continue to further her training and testing with the JKA.  As one of her endeavors, she plans on training at the JKA Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan off and on over the next few years.

 Formerly, Jinjer Covert was a member of the United States Sport Juijitsu Team from 1996-2000.  She qualified for the Women’s Feather Weight division in 1996. She is the 1998 Gold Medalist for the Women’s Featherweight division of the United States Sport Jujitsu Team. The competition was held in Vancouver Canada in November of 1998.

Sensei Jinjer  Prior to the USSJA team win in 1998,  Jinjer Covert trained diligently working on weekends in Nitro West Virginia training with Sensei Ernie Boggs at BCI (Boggs-Casillas Institute). Covert trained on her Combat Jujitsu techniques with Instructor Mickey Heath (who was the Team Captain at the time in 1997-1998) at his school of Hard Knox located in Pilot Mountain, North Carolina. During her time of training (1996-2000), she met female boxing legend Graciela Casillas-Boggs who was a the 1979 WWBA boxing champion/Eskrima/Arnis.  Graciela Casillas-Boggs was one of the head instructors for the team… training team members in self-defense, boxing and combative such as (stick and knife). This prepared Covert not only for the Sport Jujitsu World Team fights held in November of 1998 but also for several small Sport Jujitsu tournaments held prior to this in North Carolina and Kentucky regions that same year.

Fly KickJinjer Covert placed second in the Women’s Black Belt division at the Sport Jujitsu Nationals in 1998 prior to going to Vancouver Canada for the world team fights.  Covert, had been competing in Nationals since 1991 in forms , weapons, and fighting in Sport Karate and NASKA (North American Sport Karate Association) competitions. She retired from competition in order to finish her Master’s Degree in Physical Education with a concentration in Sport Psychology at Radford University and the University of Virginia. In 1999 she opened Kwik Kix Martial Arts & Fitness, LLC (SHOTOKAN KARATE CENTER) which was recognized by her current instructors Jearl Sutherland (Kickboxing, stick/knife defense) Asa Herring (JKA Shotokan Karate, Arizona) and Ric Anderton (Judo/Jujitsu).

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